IT Sector Pain Points

and How Plexus Communications Can Help

Breaking into the UK Market: The Manufacturer's Dilemma

Pain Point:

Manufacturers from the US or Far East eyeing the UK market face significant challenges. The initial investment is substantial, involving recruiting local staff, often needing more knowledge of the product or the UK market. This approach is costly and risky, often leading to high turnover and a drain on resources.

Our Solution

Plexus Communications offers a seamless transition into the UK market. We provide a dedicated, highly-skilled team that collaborates closely with your on-ground representative. Our expertise in crafting UK-centric marketing campaigns ensures end-user demand and channel development. This allows you to test the waters without the complexities of local recruitment. Once we validate the market’s potential, we can assist in scaling your operations in a controlled manner.

The Visibility Challenge: Getting Your Brand Noticed

Pain Point:

New entrants often rely on distributors to gain visibility, an expensive and ineffective strategy. Distributors operate on a ‘pay-to-play’ model, demanding high fees for minimal exposure. This approach fails to generate end-user demand, the lifeblood of any channel.

Our Solution:

We help you make your impact. We create targeted digital campaigns aimed at end-users by leveraging a fraction of your initial budget. Our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies nurture potential customers through the sales funnel, connecting them with distributors and resellers. This organic approach builds your channel and fosters relationships with key stakeholders.

The Reseller's Quandary: Outdated Business Acquisition Strategies

Pain Point:

IT resellers often have a skewed focus—large sales teams and minimal marketing efforts. The existing marketing teams lack industry knowledge and outdated sales strategies. Additionally, the sector faces a skills shortage, leading to high employee turnover and increased costs.

Our Solution:

Plexus Communications offers a holistic approach to business acquisition. We identify the most effective routes to your target audience, using digital platforms to place your message directly in front of active buyers. Our strategies eliminate the guesswork associated with traditional cold calling. All customer data is centrally located in a CRM, tagged and ready for highly targeted future campaigns.

Your brand becomes your new business development team, building a trusted and reliable future. We also collaborate with you to effectively utilise your Marketing Development Funds (MDF). Gone are the days when salespeople hoard their ‘little black book’ of contacts or nurtured connections. With Plexus, you retain all valuable management information, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

The Bottom Line

In a world where LinkedIn has become a haven for ineffective cold calling, we help you do it right. We add value to your brand, create demand, and save you from the wasted effort of outdated strategies. Partner with Plexus Communications and let us help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of IT sales and marketing.

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Plexus Communications : digital marketing for the it sector

An outline of this article in six key takeaways.

Plexus Communications simplifies UK IT market entry for manufacturers and modernises acquisition for resellers. We offer UK-focused marketing teams, eliminating local hiring hassles and shifting resellers from cold calling to digital campaigns. Our 30+ years of expertise make your brand your best business tool, leveraging Marketing Development Funds and centralising data in a CRM for future growth—partner with us for a cost-effective, streamlined market approach.

Tailored Solutions

Plexus Communications offers tailored solutions for manufacturers entering the UK IT market and and resellers business lead generation.

Skilled Team

We provide a skilled team to create UK-focused marketing campaigns, eliminating the need for local recruitment.

Focussed Campaigns

For resellers, we shift the focus from outdated cold calling to targeted digital campaigns.

Centralised Customer Data

Our approach centralises customer data in a CRM and leverages Marketing Development Funds for future campaigns.

Unparalleled Expertise

With over 30 years of experience in IT sales and marketing, we offer unparalleled expertise.

Cost Effective

Partnering with Plexus ensures a cost-effective and streamlined marketing route, making your brand your most effective business development tool.

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The need to move digital
Implementing Effective Channel Marketing Strategies

Navigating the labyrinthine world of IT sales and marketing can be overwhelming, especially when trying to break into a market as dynamic as the UK.