An IT Marketing Agency Navigating the New Norms of IT Sales and Marketing

An IT marketing agency that aims to navigate you through the ever-changing IT Sales and Marketing landscape. Specifically, let’s explore why a digital-first approach is not merely an option but, indeed, a necessity today.

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The Changing Landscape

While the traditional methods are experiencing a decline, on the other hand, digital channels are on the rise.

The Challenges of IT Marketing Today

In the face of ignored calls and lost emails, moreover, there's the LinkedIn dilemma to consider. Additionally, one cannot overlook the new audience behaviour that is emerging.

The Solution

Target digital campaigns to create ground-up demand, emphasising the right timing and platform.

Why Choose Plexus Communications?

Through our expertise and approach, we can help you adapt effectively."

Who we are

Your trusted IT Marketing Agency and channel partner

Plexus Communications is your trusted partner and IT Marketing Agency. Boasting over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, we’ve mastered the art of creating efficient, high-impact marketing channels that drive results. Initially, our journey began with a vision to revolutionise the traditional IT sales and marketing landscape. Today, consequently, we’re proud to have assisted numerous Vendors, Distributors, and Resellers in cutting through the noise and directly reaching their end-users.

Our achievements speak for themselves:

  • Successfully launched thousands of highly targeted digital campaigns.
  • Created demand for various tech products, utilising the Manufacturer’s MDF (Marketing Development Funds) to its fullest.
  • Helped businesses save tens of thousands in costs by eliminating unnecessary steps in their distribution chain

    We’re not just another marketing agency but your strategic partners committed to redefining how tech products reach their intended market. Let’s build the future, one channel at a time. 
IT Marketing Agency - Sales Funnels

IT Sector Pain Points

Navigating the complexities of the UK IT market can be daunting for manufacturers and resellers alike. Plexus Communications offers a streamlined solution to these challenges

IT Marketing Agency

Efficiently getting your product to the end user is more crucial than ever

Traditional routes to market often involve marketing commitment from multiple intermediaries—distributors, resellers, and retailers—to reach the end user. 

Furthermore, by leveraging direct campaigns and minimising dependencies on channel marketing, tech providers can not only maximise profits but also construct a more sustainable and responsive business model, ideally suited for the digital age.

Lastly, by choosing Plexus Communications as your IT Marketing Agency to craft the right channel, you amplify your investment through ensuring maximum exposure for your products and technologies.

Price Protection

Direct access to end-users allows you to maintain pricing integrity, avoiding the need for multiple distributors who are competing on margin.

Consistent Messaging

Fewer steps in the distribution chain mean less risk of your product's value proposition getting diluted or misrepresented.

Targeted Marketing

Direct marketing enables highly targeted campaigns, ensuring that you're reaching the customers most likely to be interested in your product.

Faster Time-to-Market

With fewer hoops to jump through, your product can reach the market more quickly, giving you a competitive edge.

Data Collection

Direct interactions with end-users provide valuable data and insights, which can be used to refine future products and marketing strategies.

Customer Relationship

Building a direct relationship with your end-users enhances customer loyalty and provides opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

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IT Marketing Agency

Connecting customers with your brand with an IT Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing

In conjunction with the Plexus Creatives Team

A Full Team of Creatives

Discover the Plexus advantage in IT sales and marketing with our cost-effective outsourced team. With over 30 years of industry experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that function as an extension of your team.
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Consulting and Strategy

Market Research. Business Strategy. Channel Marketing Strategy.

Sales and Business Development

Lead Generation. Sales Funnel Optimisation. CRM Management.

Content Creation

Blog Posts. Whitepapers. Video Content. Infographics.

Outsourced Team

Virtual Sales Team. Remote Marketing Support. Temporary Staff Augmentation.

IT Channel Development

Market Entry Strategy. Partner Recruitment and Enablement.

The Changing IT Marketing landscape

In the not-so-distant past, the IT sales and marketing landscape was predominantly governed by traditional methods—cold calls, direct mail, and face-to-face meetings. Specifically, sales representatives would spend hours dialling numbers, all in the hope of securing a few precious minutes with a potential client.

A Four-Step Guide with Plexus - IT Marketing Agency

Your Journey to IT Marketing & Sales Success

Step 1

Identify the Challenge

The customer recognises a specific issue in their IT sales and marketing strategy, such as ineffective lead generation, poor digital presence, or lack of end-user demand.

Step 2

Contact Plexus

The customer reaches out to Plexus Communications, either through a consultation form, a phone call, or an email, to discuss their challenges and objectives.

Step 3

Customised Solution Planning

Plexus conducts an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs and crafts a tailored strategy. This could involve anything from targeted digital campaigns to sales funnel optimisation to address the customer's identified pain points.

Last Step

Pain Point Resolution

Plexus implements the agreed-upon strategy, closely monitoring key performance indicators to ensure success. The customer experiences a noticeable improvement in their IT sales and marketing efforts, effectively resolving their initial challenges.

Discover the true power of IT marketing communication with our agency. Let us guide you towards a world of success.

Plexus Communications is your all-in-one solution for navigating the complexities of the UK IT market. It offers over 30 years of IT sales and marketing expertise to deliver targeted digital campaigns and robust channel development.