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Amplifying Your Reach: How Paid Campaigns On LinkedIn Drive Visibility Among Partners, Resellers, And End Users – Plexus Communications

Explore the transformative power of LinkedIn’s paid campaigns for IT channel development in the EMEA market. Learn how precise targeting, increased brand visibility, and enhanced lead generation can give you a competitive edge. Uncover the future of IT Partner Channel building with Plexus Communications.

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Linked Vs Google PPC
Advertising Platforms

Google V’s LinkedIn

Explore the key differences between Google and LinkedIn PPC for demand generation. Learn how each platform can strategically benefit your business goals, from immediate conversions to long-term brand building.

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IT Channel, Business Strategy, Vendor Alliances, Sales Force, Go-To-Market, B2B

The Plexus Channel Strategy Framework 

This blog post offers an in-depth look at the Plexus Channel Strategy Framework, designed to guide IT vendors through the intricacies of channel engagement. It covers five critical areas to ensure a successful go-to-market strategy.

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IT Channel, Business Strategy, Vendor Alliances, Sales Pipeline, EMEA, Distribution Giants
Business Strategy

Building An IT Partner Channel In A Land Of Giants

This blog post explores the challenges and solutions for newcomers trying to establish an IT partner channel in EMEA. It offers a staged approach to building a brand and gaining traction in a market dominated by giants.

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360 Marketing, Holistic Approach, Business Goals, Multi-Channel, Lead Generation
360 Marketing


This blog post explores the concept of 360 Marketing, a holistic approach that utilises multiple channels to place your brand in front of prospective customers. Learn why it’s essential for generating leads and conversions.

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